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Happy Holidays from the Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence! We hope your holidays are full of love, joy and hope for things to come in 2023.

This year, our team worked hard to advance the movement in Nevada, and we’re excited to share highlights of what we were up to in 2022!

We completed a statewide cold-case victim notification protocol for police departments, advocates and others to ensure best practices in avoiding re-traumatizing victims, while focusing on trauma-informed and holistic care.

To further support agencies & advocates in Nevada, our team enhanced statewide training opportunities from national experts, and ensured that continuing education units are available for every training we offer.

Our Economic Justice (EJ) Workgroup, composed of multidisciplinary experts from across Nevada, have been working together on how to address key issues affecting Nevada families. The team identified five significant policy areas for Nevadans to focus efforts on to increase economic opportunities as tools for violence prevention. With this vital information, and as we draw nearer to the 2023 Legislative Session, the EJ Workgroup will share these insights with state policymakers and leaders, communities, and partners.

It is because of your support that this is possible! While we are excited about all that we have accomplished, we want to be honest, too. With inflation over the last year, and cuts to our grants, your support means more now than ever before.

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