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  • Kathie McKenna says:

    Sue, it has been working with you, although it has been a short two years. I have always appreciated your willingness to help, at the drop of a moment and also your candidness. I wish you the best of luck in your retirement; live life to its fullest!! Stop in and say Hi if you find yourself in Pahrump.

    All of my Best!!


  • Faye & Christel says:

    Sue, from CAAW to NNADV to the Nevada Legislature, to NCEDSV, yours have been a life well-spent. Congratulations on your retirement.

  • Deb DeBare says:

    Sue, how can this really be happening???? You have been at every single NNEDV event that I can remember, during the past 25 years that I have been part of this esteemed, lucky group of coalitions!!! Your wisdom, calm demeanor, perspective, and guidance have shaped the movement not just in Nevada, but beyond its state borders. Thank you so much for all you have done for survivors and for all of us in the movement. I wish you all the best in this next chapter, and hope that you know how much you are appreciated! WIshing you a well-deserved rest, and a whole lot of fun in whatever retirement brings to you! with love, Deb

  • Maxine Lantz says:

    It seems we have known of each other for over 32 years, and know each other since 2001 when I started Victim/Witness Services (VWS) in White Pine, Lincoln and Eureka counties. You were a part of the program development and it’s success. I have always had high regards for you and your efforts, and thank you for your support as I continue with VWS. I wish you the best in your next venture.

  • Cheryl Robb-Welch says:

    Sue, your kind heart and quiet demeanor were a welcome respite in my early days of attending national meetings. Our meals together meant so much to me. Thank you for your friendship, your hugs, and your wisdom. All my best wishes for a happy retirement.

  • Tara Phebus says:

    Congratulations on your retirement Sue! I remember driving out to the rural parts of the state for the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team meetings and I always appreciated your depth of experience and practical approach. You have been an amazing advocate and I appreciate all you have done to improve systems in Nevada!

  • Ruth Urban says:

    Sue, you will be missed and I wish you a very happy retirement because it is certainly well deserved. We have known each other for many years and I have the deepest respect for you and your dedication to the movement and victims. You were the primary reason I have kept my membership up all these years as I knew the organization was in good hands. I have loved the times we worked together and cherish you as a true professional. Sending you a big virtual hug.

  • Estelle Murphy says:

    I almost don’t know where to start in putting together my thoughts about Sue. I’ve known Sue Meuschke for all of the 32 plus years she was Executive Director/CEO of NCEDSV (previously NNADV). We forged a lot of battles together: legislative, fiscal, political. Through it all, Sue was a steadfast advocate for the cause, a leader for both her staff and the member programs of the coalition, and a friend to all who went to her for help.

    When I left my 38 years as CEO of Safe Nest I felt gratified for all I was able to do, but I admit I was also tired. Working a cause like domestic violence and sexual assault is an uphill battle on the best days, and absolutely heartbreaking on the bad days. I can only imagine that Sue felt as I did sometimes, but she always pushed onward. Even when there was a setback, I’d hear her mantra in my head: “Change is good. Change is good.” Not that it was always true, but it was her way of saying “we will get past this.”

    Sue brought the movement forward in so many ways in Nevada. She led the way for policy changes and training for law enforcement, judges, social service agencies, health care providers, and many more. She helped develop and support the rural member programs that directly assisted victims. She promoted legislative changes and orchestrated testimony from individuals and program leaders to get critical new laws passed (or stopped) for the benefit of victims and programs. She advocated for us with state agencies that funded and regulated member programs.
    She took our cause to Washington on many occasions.

    I know that many of these accomplishments are public record but having been there to see Sue’s leadership there is much unwritten history. Sue stayed strong for all of us when adversity was all around us; she pushed forward with what needed to be done even when it was something unpleasant and I know in my heart it was something she would rather have avoided.

    There are leaders who are called “unflappable.” The word is fitting for Sue, in my opinion. I never saw Sue display a temper, or fuel a conflict. She had (has) a way of calming a situation, looking for sanity amidst confusion, and striving for solutions in tense situations. It takes a steady leader to run a coalition of diverse organizations with strong personalities, often with divergent opinions, and sometimes hidden agendas. If I had to sum it up I a few words: I’d say “grit, determination, grace, and heart.”

    Sue, this is just an “executive summary,” of sorts, of all I could write about you after our years together. I admire you immensely. The coalition, the movement, and the state is losing a champion. But you deserve the respite. Whatever comes next, I pray it brings you contentment, peace, and the satisfaction of a career well lived!

    Your friend, colleague, and admirer,

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