Training Series for Prevention

The Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (NCEDSV) shares a virtual three-part forum series for school staff and personnel, and community based organizations on protective environments, mapping strategies, and policy and procedural implementation for sexual harassment, violence, and misconduct prevention in middle and high schools.


This training presents the fundamentals of the Emergent Space framework and explores how it supports an equity lens to preventing sexual violence before identifying strategies for incorporating principles of emergent space into sexual violence prevention in K-12 and other youth-serving settings.

Once posted, this presentation (offered December 14th at 4pm) will teach participants what hotspot mapping is and why it is so effective, different methods for implementing hotspot mapping, and how to use hotspot mapping data to create a safer school environment.

Once posted, this presentation (offered January 11th at 4pm) will examine the top 12 policy recommendations for school districts and schools to adopt to prevent and respond to sexual harassment in a trauma-informed and victim-centered way.

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