Traveling Purple Purse



During our 40th anniversary year, we know we can be proud of a past filled with challenges and triumphs; confident in a present that offers opportunities and openings for real change; and excited about a future where violence is not a way of life for far too many families. The 40th anniversary is celebrated with the ruby gemstone which symbolizes energy & passion.  Turning 40 means to us that we will continue to have the energy and passion of our mission of being the statewide voice advocating for the elimination and prevention of violence by partnering with communities.

This year we will celebrate our birthday by highlighting communities all over Nevada with our Traveling Purple Purse, donated by the Allstate Foundation, because we know that statewide efforts begin in local communities.

The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse is dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence through financial empowerment.  Through the use of a Purple Purse, the Allstate Foundation is spreading awareness of what financial abuse is, and what financial freedom means to survivors.  Watch the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Lost Purse awareness video HERE.  

January – September 2020, the purse will be traveling throughout the state collecting gift cards and souvenirs donated by the community.  

All the items collected from the tour will be auctioned off at our Annual Award Celebration silent auction happening September 10 – September 17th. 

This limited edition purse is the last one that the Allstate Foundation and Serena Williams will produce.   It will be raffled off to a lucky Award Celebration attendee. 

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Lovelock, nv

The Purple Purse and NCEDSV Technical Assistance Coordinator Lisa Lynn visit Lovelock, NV.

Fallon, NV

The Purple Purse visited Frey Ranch Whiskey Farmers in Fallon NV and picked up these 3 bottles for the silent auction.

board & staff

Reno, NV

The Purple Purse joined NCEDSV Board and Staff at Planning Day.

Yerington, NV

The Purple Purse and Program Specialist Misty Stewart headed to Yerington and stopped by Sherry’s Stage Stop to pick up a Gift Certificate for the Raffle.

Las Vegas, NV

The Purple Purse helps celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment Las Vegas, NV.  The Purple Purse was accompanied by Cristina Hernandez, Elisa Conner, Estelle Murphy, Sue Meuschke and Sarah Adler.

Hawthorne, NV

The Purple Purse and NCEDSV Executive Director Sue Meuschke visit Hawthorne, NV