In 2020, NCEDSV made the decision to begin what is known as a Theory of Change (ToC). A ToC is a strategy many professional groups employ for planning, participation, adaptive management and evaluation in order to promote social change. This methodology is used in companies, non-profits, research and many more strategic bodies in order to guide their work most effectively. A well-organized ToC identifies long-term goals and then works backwards to determine conditions necessary to achieve those outcomes. NCEDSV is excited to share our ToC with you, click here to review it!

The Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (NCEDSV) is committed to protecting personal privacy and confidentiality. To uphold this commitment, NCEDSV will not sell or license to any third party, any personal contact information we receive from you. NCEDSV lists of individual supporters or email subscribers, as well as their email/mailing address and phone numbers, will be kept confidential and used only by NCEDSV.

This commitment also extends to protecting the privacy of any communications we receive through our website. Any communications received through our website will be kept confidential and personally identifying information will not be used without your expressed written consent.

To review any personal information collected by NCEDSV or if you have questions regarding this privacy policy, please call 775.828.1115 or contact us.