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May is Mental Health Awareness Month – Vicarious Trauma

April 6, 2022

By Misty Stewart, formerly of NCEDSV I would like to take the time to acknowledge some of the vicarious trauma advocates experience every day. Vicarious trauma is when we encounter someone else’s trauma by hearing it, seeing it, reading about it, and watching it. Day in and out, advocates hear about others’ trauma. When Vicarious […]


Hanging Out or Hooking Up

February 16, 2022

Click Here to join the Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (NCEDSV) as we increase awareness of this year’s Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month by offering this presentation called “Hanging Out or Hooking Up”. Facilitator: Judy Henderson, MEd. Mgt. Training Coordinator, NCEDSV. Co-Facilitator: Serena Evans, MPAP. Policy Coordinator, NCEDSV. Recommended Audience: Educators, parents, domestic and […]


Beyond Labels Training Series

January 21, 2022

Beyond Labels is a three-part series based on the wisdom of survivors, national crisis services practitioners, trauma recovery experts and domestic violence and sexual assault professionals. Originally designed for domestic and sexual assault agencies it provides guidance for working with abuse survivors who engage in substance use or those experiencing mental illness. Exploring the intersections […]